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The elastomer bellows seals of the MG series have been on the market for over 35 years and have asserted themselves as the world's leading sealing standard for pumps in various industrial sectors and applications. Can't be improved? We did it anyway.

With the next generation of the MG, our elastomer bellows seals set yet another unrivaled standard in the industry. Maximum reliability and safety is combined with a trendsetting seal design for particularly long operating periods even under extreme conditions. It couldn't be easier: The eMG series is 100 % compatible with the MG series and can be replaced one-to-one without any adjustment effort. The attractive conditions are also unbeatable – regardless of which standard materials and product variant you choose. So why wait? Switch to the eMG series!

The eMG with 20 % reduced installation length and standard stationary seat type G6 offers the same technical properties as the other products of the MG series and is ideally suited for space-critical seal installation spaces.

The shortened model offers new perspectives in pump construction. Customized dimensional adjustments and additional stationary seat geometries are optionally possible for both installa-tion length variations.

The disk stabilizes and centers the seal on the shaft and provides improved adjustment behavior under various load situations, thus ensuring consistently precise performance.

PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) is characterized by extraordinary chemical and thermal resis-tance. It also has the lowest friction coefficient of all solids. Due to its extremely low surface tension, there are virtually no materials that adhere to PTFE.

PEEK (polyetheretherketone) shows a resistance to chemicals and high temperatures compa-rable to PTFE. In addition, PEEK excels through its mechanical strength and stability which is higher than those of most thermoplastics.

The result of this innovation: excellent wear and sliding behavior, consistently precise perfor-mance, robustness or minimum wear and - not least due to the self-cleaning surface - reliable use in various application areas.

The eMG series can be supplied in numerous material combinations. New in the range is the series optimized sliding material eSiC-Q7: a high-performance friction and wear optimized face material with hydrodynamic properties.

In practice, the use of eSiC-Q7 means up to 50% longer operating periods com-pared to SiC materials (Q1/Q2), extended emergency running properties and lower energy consumption. Long-term customer tests have proven this efficiency.

A seal face projection extended by approx. 50% ensures maximum heat dissipation to the medium. This reduces the basic thermal load on the sliding faces in standard operation and provides greater safety in the event of faults. It also has a positive effect on the extension of the operating period.

Often imitated but never duplicated: the specially developed bellows design has always been one of the MG series’ secret recipes for success. This recipe for success was essentially further developed for the eMG series.

The new, FEM-optimized bellows design features improved adjustment behavior for axial shaft movements which minimizes stick-slip effects.

In addition, the shaft is provided with outstanding protection over the entire seal length and the seal face during assembly. The reduced outer diameter of seal shoulder enables direct support of the bellows via retaining ring or smaller spacer rings

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Compatibility with predecessor models

It couldn't be easier: The eMG series is 100 % compatible with the MG series and can be replaced one-to-one without any adjustment effort.

In use everywhere

Chemical pumps, water and waste water pumps, circulating pumps, submersible motor pumps ... – the new eMG1 and eMG generation covers the most diverse sealing challenges in numerous industrial sectors and applications.

Chemische Industrie

Chemical industry


Food processing industry


Oil and gas industry

Zellstoff- und Papierindustrie

Pulp and paper industry

Wasser- und Abwassertechnik

Water and waste water technology

Petrochemische Industrie

Petrochemical industry

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The eMG1 can also be used as double seal in tandem or back-to-back arrangement. We would be pleased to provide you with installation recommendations upon request. Individual dimensions to given installation conditions, e.g. shaft in inches or special stationary seat dimensions are also possible at any time. We would be happy to advise you. With 6,000 employees at 250 locations and more than 120 service centers around the world, we provide reliable, safe and highly economical sealing solutions.

Of Handprint and Footprint

At EagleBurgmann, highest product quality and sustainability are inseparably linked. This is how we continuously minimize the impact of our own production processes (footprint) on the environment. At the same time, we improve sustainability for our customers (handprint) with innovative and reliable products.

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eMG series
eMG series

The new generation of elastomer bellows seals for pumps. Learn more: eMG1, eMG12, eMG13, short installation length eMG.

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