Sealing expertise for pharmaceutical machinery

In the pharmaceutical industry where batch processing tends to be the norm, seals have to comply with increasingly stringent material quality and production standards. Maximum versatility is another deliverable which users look for. The seals often have to be designed for sterilization (SIP/CIP).

Complete functional units such as mechanical seals and supply systems need to be cleaned and sterilized. These demanding requirements are met by a number of seal families in the EagleBurgmann range, including MR-D agitator seals, SGR1 pump seals which have electropolished finishes and no gaps or dead space, as well as by some of our supply systems.

MAK and SMAK magnetic couplings are the ideal choice in special applications where hermetic sealing is absolutely essential. This solution ensures that the media remains within a closed circulation loop. Food-grade materials are needed for pharmaceutical production.

EagleBurgmann has been a dependable pharmaceutical industry partner for many years. Our portfolio includes a broad spectrum of top-quality, specifically optimized sealing solutions ranging from standard solutions to specialized system solutions for nearly any application in the pharmaceutical industry. EagleBurgmann seals enhance system utilization and increase the flexibility of production processes.

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Industrial sealing expertise for pharmaceutical applications

EagleBurgmann seals and services for the pharmaceutical industry.

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Sealing expertise for the pharmaceutical industry

We support pharmaceutical manufacturers all the way – as a supplier, as a planning partner, and as a service partner.

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