Ships, tankers, offshore platforms

Various different media need to be sealed in the tightest of spaces on board ships: the spectrum of applications in this sphere ranges from fuel supply, fire fighting facilities, bilge and ballast tank pumps right through to tubular stern seals, thru-bulkhead receptacles and flue gas ducts.

Many of the seals used in such applications have to be seawater resistant, so in many cases are made from high-quality materials. A key topic in the sphere of ship technology is that of the protection of our waters.

In this respect, advanced sealing technology helps minimize leakage and makes an important contribution towards reducing environmental pollution – as our water-lubricated tubular stern seals demonstrate daily throughout the world. EagleBurgmann has supplied the shipbuilding sector for many years with reliable, safe, economic and forward-looking seal components certified and approved by a large number of shipping bodies and covering the entire spectrum of applications in ship operation.


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