EagleBurgmann API piping plans - Overview

Process side

Plan 01  Internal circulation in pump

Plan 02  Dead ended, clean medium

Plan 03  Tapered seal chamber bore

Plan 11  Circulation, pressure increase

Plan 12  Circulation, pressure increase + strainer

Plan 13  Circulation, venting

Plan 14  Circulation, venting, Plan 11+13, vertical pump

Plan 21  Circulation via cooler

Plan 22  Circulation via cooler, strainer

Plan 23  Forced loop via cooler

Plan 31  Circulation, cyclone separator

Plan 41  Circulation, cyclonce separator + cooler

Plan 32  External flush

Between seals

Plan 52    Buffer liquid reservoir

Plan 53A  Barrier liquid, reservoir

Plan 53B  Barrier liquid, bladder accumulator

Plan 53C  Barrier liquid, piston accumulator

Plan 54    External barrier liquid system

Plan 55    External buffer liquid system

Plan 71    Tapped connection for purchaser's use

Plan 72    Buffer gas system

Plan 74    Barrier gas system

Plan 75    Leakage collection and alarm, reservoir

Plan 76    Vapor leakage to flare

Atmospheric side

Plan 51    Dead-end quench, reservoir, vertical pumps

Plan 61    Tapped connections for purchaser's use

Plan 62    External quench

Plan 65A  Leakage collection and alarm, reservoir

Plan 65B  Leakage collection and alarm, reservoir

Plan 66A  Leakage detection and alarm, two bushings

Plan 66B  Leakage detection and alarm, orifice plug


Plan 99  Engineered to customer's specifications

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