Item Description
1.1 Seal face
1.2 Bellows
1.3 Spring collar
1.4 Spring
1.5 Spring holder
1.6 Cartridge
1.7 Seat ring
2 Seat
3 Corner sleeve
4 Case



  • Single seal
  • Stationary spring-loaded unit enables operation in high-range loads area
  • Balanced
  • In-house manufactured carbon seal faces


The seal for stationary applications. The EH700 is based on a unique stationary spring loaded unit that enables the seal to operate under high speed and high pressure. An additional advantage of the seal is the balanced design, which ensures good sealing performance in high-load conditions.

Operating range

Shaft diameter: d1 = 15 … 35 mm
Pressure: p1 = 15 bar (218 PSI),
vacuum up to 0.1 bar
t = -20 °C … +100 °C (-4 °F … +212 °F)
Sliding velocity: vg = 10 m/s (33 ft/s)
Axial movement: ±1.0 mm


Seal face: Carbon graphite resin impregnated (B)
Seat: Aluminium oxide (V, V1), Silicon carbide (Q1, Q2)
Secondary seals: NBR (P), FKM (V)
Metal parts: CrNi steel (F)