Statotherm 9593/5pro

Statotherm 9593/5pro

Statotherm 9593/5pro


Statotherm 5pro 9593/5pro an adhesive-free graphite gasket sheet made from flexible graphite foil reinforced with one or two stainless steel 316 tanged inserts. The gasket sheet is impregnated to improve handling and reduce leakage. Equates to the SGL Sigraflex Universal Pro.


  • Good compressive strength
  • Outstanding oxidation resistance
  • High seal tightness to reduce emissions

Operating range

Pressure: p = 100 bar

  • Continuous operation:
    t = -250 °C ... +450 °C
  • Steam: tmax = +550 °C
  • Recommended surface roughness RZ = 12.5 ... 50 µm

Chemical resistance:
pH = 0 … 14
Resistant to almost all organic and inorganic acids, alkalis, oils and solvents. Not suitable for use in highly oxidizing media or in elementary fluorine, bromine, sulfur trioxide or ozone (O3) > 150 °C.

Standards and approvals

  • TA Luft
  • BAM (upon request)
  • DVGW
  • Fire-safe (API 607)
  • Blow-out resistance (TÜV Süd)


9593/5... (glued)
9593/5...P (sheets)
9593/5...R (rings)
9593/5...RIG (rings with inner eyelet)
9593/5...RA (frames)
9593/5...S (segments)

Similar products

Statotherm 1P 9593/1P

Statotherm 1P 9593/1P is a gasket sheet made from flexible, expanded graphite foils (purity > 98 %) which can be combined with a stainless steel sheet insert (material: 316 (L), 0.05 mm thick). Statotherm 1P 9593/1P is a gasket with a particularly adaptable graphite overlay that allows it to be used with low surface pressures and in fragile flanged connections.

Statotherm HD 9593/HD

Statotherm HD 9593/HD is a reinforced, multilayer graphite gasket sheet made from 0.5 mm thick layers of high quality impregnated graphite foil (purity ≥ 99.85 %) combined without adhesive with 0.05 mm thick stain- less steel foil layers (AISI 316 (L)). Statotherm HD 9593/HD is outstanding for use in applications where high surface pressures are combined with high operating pressure. This seal is particularly useful where there are increased requirements in terms of seal tightness and operational safety. Equates to the SGL Sigraflex Hochdruck.

Statotherm P foil 9591/P

Statotherm P Foil 9591 is a gasket sheet consisting of unreinforced, flexible graphite foil with a purity of ≥ 99.85% and a low ash content.Statotherm P foil 9591 a basic gasket material without measurable cold or warm flow, making it usable as a gasket material for fittings and pumps in all branches of industry (especially for emergency repairs and complicated shapes). Equates to the SGL Sigraflex standard.

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