KH Rubber-steel gasket 9107/KH

KH Rubber-steel gasket 9107/KH

KH Rubber-steel gasket 9107/KH

KH Rubber-steel gasket 9107/KH


The KH rubber-steel gasket 9107/ KH consists of a fully rubber-jacketed support ring which gives the gasket additional stability. At the same time it guarantees optimum sealing characteristics, even with low bolt forces and particularly for large diameters. So this seal can also be used in soft components such as plastic flanges. It is a robust seal for installation in load-bearing connection applications.


  • High inherent strength
  • Optimum sealing characteristics even at low bolt forces

Operating range

Pressure: p = 25 bar
  • EPDM: t = -30 °C ... +120 °C
  • NBR: t = -25 °C ... +70 °C
  • FPM: t = -20 °C ... +200 °C
Shore A hardness: 70 ± 5 (EPDM, NBR, FPM)
Recommended surface roughness:
RZ ≤ 100 µm


Complete seal with support ring made from St 37.


Other support materials and elastomer grades available upon request.

Forms of supply

  • Standard dimensions as per DIN EN 1514-1 or EN 12560-1

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