The EagleBurgmann BestFlow is a temperature-controlled "money-saving valve" for double seals on which the barrier water connection extends directly into the seal chamber, e.g. Cartex-DN.


  • Reduced, minimum barrier water consumption depending on the seal temperature
  • Easy installation and use: no additional connection lines needed
  • Venting in horizontal and vertical mounting position
  • Long-term assurance of the functionality of the expansion element thanks to its physical and chemical properties
  • Rugged, fatigue-free moving parts
  • No temperature peaks during opening and closing of the valve thanks to the thermosensitive expansion element
  • No power supply required (Ex-protection)
  • Pressure-balanced component; pressure fluctuations have no effect on the BestFlow; controlled solely via temperature

Functional description

EagleBurgmann BestFlow controls the buffer water flow via a thermosensitive expansion element. If the temperature in the seal increases above the permitted value, the valve will open automatically. More fresh, cool buffer water can then flow into the seal chamber. As soon as the seal or the barrier fluid has cooled down, the valve closes and the flow is stopped. This ensures that an exchange of barrier medium only takes place when cooling of the seal is required. This results in enormous savings in terms of water consumption, without any compromise in terms of operational reliability and safety.


Temperature control for double seals, which are operated in the non-flow mode.

Product variants

Designation BestFlow-3/8 NPT-60 BestFlow-3/8 NPT-82
t3 out 60 °C (140 °F ) 82 °C (180 °F )
p3 max 16 bar (232 PSI) 16 bar (232 PSI)
p3 - p1 = Δp min. 2 bar (29 PSI) min. 2 bar (29 PSI)
Process connection 3/8" NPT 3/8" NPT
Metal parts 1.4571
Seal Viton® or EPDM Viton® or EPDM

Other connection dimensions on request.