LS050 (Plan 75)

LS050 (Plan 75)

LS050 (Plan 75)


The EagleBurgmann leakage control systems of the LS050 range in accordance with API Plan 75 consist of a leakage collection tank with sight-glass and can be equipped with a wide range of measuring instruments.

Circulation in accordance with API 682 / ISO 21049: Plan 75


  • Leakage collection tank with sight-glass
  • Modular system: combination with a wide range of monitoring instruments possible

Standards and approvals

  • PED 2014/68/EU (Design and production in accordance with EU Pressure EquipmentDirective)
  • ASME VIII, Div. 1 (Design, calculation and production)

Functional description

The LS050 leakage control system in accordance with API Plan 75 is used to discharge leakage from liquid-lubricated single seals with downstream safety gas seals where the leakage is liquid under atmospheric conditions.

Product variants

Desigantion LS050/M002-D0 LSC6000A4
Design code PED 2014/68/EU PED 2014/68/EU | ASME VIII, Div. 1
Volume, vessel (liters) 14 14
Allowable pressure1) 50 bar
(725 PSI)
44 bar
(636 PSI)
Allowable temperature1) -20 °C ... +120 °C
(-4 °F ... +248 °F)
-20 °C ... +120 °C
(-4 °F ... +248 °F)
Connection seal leakage 3/4" NPT(f) Flange 3/4", 600 lbs
Connection collecting system for condensing leakages 3/4" NPT(f) 3/4" NPT(f)
Connection fluids collection system Flange 3/4", 600 lbs Flange 3/4", 600 lbs
Metal parts 316/316L 316/316L
Seal T2, Burasil, Viton® PTFE, Burasil,
Viton®, FKM

Other versions on request.

1) Design data, permissible working values depend on the actual conditions of service.